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Leather Goods Ivan Jožko Abramič s.p.

Own brand: Leather Goods Ivan

Photo albums, belts, toiletry bag, keychain, folder A4; the vizitkar products, complemented by original Idrija lace and a Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia Art & Craft Slovenia certificate. I also acquired the Art & Craft Certificate for design and usability of the products.

Sales method: direct sales at the shops, fairs.

The source of material used is a combination of domestic and imported leather.

Leather products with a hint of manual work, integrating it into the most demanding detail. Recently I was in cooperation with some photographers and expanded my program of making belts and corporate gifts by making photo albums. This way I can offer customers wedding albums, baptism albums, confirmation, communion, birthday albums, or choose an album for a special occasion. The album that excels especially is the one for pictures in wooden containers, bound in leather and embellished with a wooden cover, the box itself is padded with velvet. The right choice for the wedding album is definitely a white leather album with real Idrija lace, leather albums with flower motifs or other motifs. My goal is to provide my customers with quality and inherent aesthetic products.