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The new website of the project LANATURA

Hello and welcome to the new website of the project LANATURA.

Rules on animal by-products not intended for human consumption

On Friday, 05/22/2015, the Official Journal No. 35/2015 published the Regulation on animal by-products not intended for human consumption. Regulation shall enter into force on the 15th day following its publication in the Official Journal.


Modern usefulness of wool

Yesterday, in the meeting at the Municipality of Cerkno, in the context of the study circle for Sheepbreeding  and its opportunities in the Idrija-Cerkno rural areas, took place the presentation of the completed cross-border project LANATURA, covering the Idrija and Cerkno areas. The Municipalities of Idrija and Cerkno also participated as project.

The project, presented by the project manager Klavdija Kancler with the Agricultural and Forestry Institute Nova Gorica, is trying to find new, more modern ways of using sheep wool, which is still regarded as a minor product of the sheep. Although in recent times wool is used in finished products more and more, a lot of it still remains unused, which ends up as waste in landfills or breeders of sheep and goats either burn it or bury it.