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It is a common Slovenian-Italian initiative for revitalizing the traditional and promoting innovative activities for processing animal materials in the programmed and mainly rural designated area. This objective aims to create conditions in terms of knowledge, experience and the development of new possibilities for the use of animal products (wool, skin, fat) to improve the quality of life in the programming area. By starting these activities we want to recover as much produced animal products from the countryside as possible.

This area still shows a strong connection with the traditional way of farming and supplying of natural, local resources which has a further impact on the natural attractiveness of this area. By enforcing these activities we want to provide knowledge about the usefulness of animal materials for people who live in the program area, expand the range of products and innovations that are respectful of the environment, and utilize them in various crafts and primary agricultural production. In the field of handicraft we believe that more opportunities to work at home might open (making souvenirs, fashion accessories, making natural soaps, etc.). The results of this project will be new products (clothing and fashion accessories, souvenirs, natural additives to improve the earth properties, materials used in bio architecture, etc.) that will be recognized locally and will enrich the tourist attraction areas. Furthermore, an equally important thing will also be the acquired knowledge for less environmental pollution and waste disposal with waste wool.

The program area generates an enormous quantity of wool fiber of inferior quality, which is normally discarded at the dump. With the proper treatment of such fibers excellent insulating material can be obtained that retains heat, but still allows for the exchange of moisture and gases and is ideal for eco-construction.

By amending new activities, we want to further educate producers of natural materials with the procedures of obtaining quality material, which can be further used in a wide range of things. This way, the result would be that fewer animal products are discarded, which indirectly creates less animal waste. If the producers are less burdened with useless bad management products they will have an incentive to continue the tradition of breeding animals. Indirectly, this will preserve the cultivated landscape, which is ultimately a tourist interest.

Since wool is a natural, skin-friendly material, the final wool products have the same properties. Also, working with wool is very pleasant, which is why wool-processing workshops, particularly  with felting (felting is a method of treatment of wool with your hands using soap and warm water), will include employees from the sheltered company for the purpose of training their manual skills. The acquired knowledge will be transferred to other members of the company.

How versatile can sheep wool be, will be presented to teachers of primary and vocational secondary schools. In secondary schools for fashion in Gorizia and Gemona they use sheep's wool and sheepskin for the production of fashion garments and fashion accessories (book jackets, newspapers, etc.). In carrying out workshops we will try to cooperate as widely as possible and use ICT technology (video conferencing, etc.).